September 20, 2021


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11 Days After Haiti’s Earthquake, Doctor Describes Lack of Treatment, Supplies & COVID-19 Concerns

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We go to Les Cayes, Haiti, to speak with a doctor about the conditions near the epicenter of the massive August 14 earthquake, as the death toll passes 2,200, with thousands of survivors growing increasingly desperate. Over 12,000 people were injured and an estimated 53,000 homes were destroyed by the 7.2 magnitude quake. People left unhoused have been living in squalid camps in the mountains north of the hard-hit city of Les Cayes, where children are reportedly suffering from hunger, fevers and infections. There is an acute lack of medical workers and humanitarian aid, says Dr. Chery Marie Anne-Lise, a general practitioner in Les Cayes who has been treating patients following the quake. “People need food. They need water. They need clothes,” says Anne-Lise.


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