September 25, 2021


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#745 – Jesse on David Pakman, Popeye’s Death, Joe Rogan is Wrong, & A$$hole of Today feat. Rand Paul

2 min read

Jesse and Brittany discuss Jesse’s upcoming appearance filling in for David Pakman all next week, the death of their beloved bulldog Popeye, listener emails and voicemails related to racism in America, barriers to getting vaccines, and the validity of being prevented from getting the vaccine by said barriers, Matt Walsh’s ignorant commentary on evictions, Pastor Greg Locke’s unhinged take on the Delta variant and COVID-19 vaccines, Joe Rogan’s irresponsible discussion of vaccines and COVID-19, the need for Andrew Cuomo to resign, and A$$hole of Today featuring Rand Paul.

00:00 – Jesse on David Pakman Show
03:11 – Death of Our Dog Popeye
16:14 – Listener Voicemails
43:54 – Patreon Break
46:20 – Matt Walsh on Evictions
56:23 – Greg Locke on Vaccines
1:02:31 – Joe Rogan on Vaccines
1:29:04 – Ben Shapiro’s Money Bed
1:32:07 – Andrew Cuomo Allegations
1:40:48 – Asshole of Today – Rand Paul

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