College athletes sacrificed as universities focus on profits; Biden’s economic plans come up short

In this episode of "The Marc Steiner Show," Marc talks with David Zirin, author, sports editor for The Nation, and host of the “Edge of Sports” podcast, and Alejandro “Ali” Danois, journalist, author of “The Boys of Dunbar,” and producer of ESPN Films’ “Baltimore Boys,” about the dilemma college athletes face in a deadly pandemic. Zirin and Danois discuss the fallout for college athletes as games continue (with politicians cheering on) while hundreds of players, many of whom are African American, test positive for the virus.

In the second segment, Marc talks with Margaret Flowers, director of Popular Resistance, co-host of Clearing the FOG, and former co-chair of the Green Party of the United States, and Andy Ellis, former co-chair of the Baltimore City and Maryland Green Party. We explore the dangers of being lulled into complacency by neoliberal rhetoric while substantive changes to address poverty, racism, global warming, and economic and social inequities remain off the table.

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